Cute Short Haircuts Women Wanting a Smart New Design
Cute Short Haircuts Women Wanting a Smart New Design, The right short haircut will bring out your best features and fill you with the self-confidence that always attracts new friends!  This style is totally up-to-the-minute, as the whole head platinum-blonde without dark roots shows.  It’s a lovely color to highlight the asymmetrical shape of this short-back-and-sides pixie, with an adorable peek-a-boo fringe.  Leaving out the dark roots is a good way to get a softer, feminine look to such a light-blonde shade!These two pics capture the nervous apprehension you feel just before you cut off your long locks and go short!  But the ‘after’ image, shows a level gaze and happy smile as this young model checks out the ‘reveal’ in the mirror.  So if you really want a short and trendy haircut, but feel unsure of what will suit your face, choose three or four images to show your stylist and ask for her professional advice.  Long fine hair, like this model’s, isn’t a flattering look because it tends to look thin and shapeless.  But see how much extra personality there is in the short, neutral blonde haircut styled forwards to highlight her eyes.Although this is a two-tone look, contrasting dark and very light hair colors, there’s nothing harsh about the finish.  That’s because the blonde contains just enough beige to soften the shade from stark white, to gentler ivory-blonde.  And the roots and back in the model’s natural, dark-blonde/mousey color, keeps the hair from looking over-processed.  The neatly clipped back has a lovely, V-shape point at the nape, plus dainty blonde highlights creating an attractive, 3-D effect.

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