Cute Pixie Haircuts a New Style
Cute Pixie Haircuts a New Style, If you’re thinking about trying out a pixie haircut or simply just want to switch up your short look, you need to see this cute pixie hairstyle designs. We have pixie hairstyles for kinky curls, pixie side swept hairstyles, even pixie faux hawk ideas- and so much more!Thick hair with naturally kinky curls can be heavy and unmanageable, so ditch the weight and crazy tresses and buzz it down short. This buzzed down pixie haircut is extremely short and works well on faces with high cheek bones and distinct features.When you leave a bulk of your tresses extra lengthy up top, it’s the perfect reason to toss your hair seductively over one eye. Buzzing the sides draws even more attention to the longer strands, giving you the best opportunity to style up with some luscious light blonde coloring. It really brightens her complexion, especially when paired with light pink lips and stunning bright eye makeup.

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