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Cool Haircuts Men Cool Haircuts Guys, Men’s hairstyles in 2016 will be based on wavy cuts, looking edgy and modern yet sexy and masculine. However, there are a few other styles that will be trending in the New Year. A man’s hairstyle is very important to his appearance and it is an important expression of his personality, just as it is for women, however it is important to choose a hairstyle which compliments your career, style and face shape.Men who want short hair without mess or any hair maintenance will be happy to hear that the buzz cut is the not only perfect choice, it will also be a modern and popular trend in 2016. This look can be accessorized by creating a desired look with a particular beard, goatee or mustache. For example, a rugged, short beard with a buzz cut offers a sexy rugged look that many women find irresistible, while a clean shaven face with no five o’clock shadow gives a baby face appearance that many women find incredibly attractive. Regardless of how you choose to shave, the buzz cut will be in style in 2016, and offers a quick and easy style with a sexy look.Young men will also be happy to hear that the spiky hair will be in style in 2016. Men with short or medium length hair can choose a product that works for their specific hair type, and experiment with spikey. Fortunately there are many types of spiky appearances, and each style serves to both formal and informal situations.

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