Chic Pixie Haircuts Easy Short Hairstyle
Chic Pixie Haircuts Easy Short Hairstyle, The pixie hairstyle is a cool look for people wishing a hairstyle which is low-fuss and simple to create. The stylish razor hairstyle bring the layers a wispy finish to form the gorgeous shape.Pixie cuts are unique and stylish, which is why they are a bold choice for a hairstyle, but one which will inevitably pay off – as this gorgeous lady has proved. Steal her style by choosing an incredible pixie cut with an asymmetrical fringe – one side longer and sweeping and the other shorter. Add lots of shorter layers to the top of the head and keep straight to show off the finished result.Side partings are the easiest way to create a lovely and long sweeping fringe, which is easily the statement section of this gorgeous pixie cut. This amazing blonde pixie cut is full of chopped layers throughout the back of the head and right up to the top. Dye your hair a beautiful shade of platinum blonde to show off your incredible pixie cut.

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