Cheap but Fabulous DIY Jewelry Organizer - Fashion Collection

Cheap but Fabulous DIY Jewelry Organizer
These DIY jewelry organizers are very easy to do. Most of the things you will need are probably already just sitting around the house so you don’t need to spend a lot. No special skills are required either and there will be no need for heavy duty equipment or machinery o put these jewelry organizers together so let’s get started!Take an old mirror frame or picture frame and upcycle that into a beautiful jewelry organizer. Simply remove the glass as well as the cardboard from the frame (make sure you do it neatly) and replace it with chicken wire (you can spray paint this to make them prettier) or hot glue strips of lace at the back to make sort of a clothesline where you can hang your earrings. This is ideal for hoop earrings or hook drop earrings.You can take the same idea and use it for necklaces as well. However, instead of using chicken wire or lace strips, remove the glass and cardboard back and replace with a corkboard of the same size. You can cover the corkboard with decorative paper for a more girly look or keep it bare and embrace the industrial vibe. Use push pins and hang your jewelry on.

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Cheap but Fabulous DIY Jewelry Organizer - Fashion Collection Inspiration