Casual Look with Jeans at Work. May occasionally appear casual by wearing jeans to work. In addition to comfortable, also inject a different confidence. Especially if you know how to mixing and matching.

Denim Pencil Skirt-Casual Look with Jeans at Work

Not to be confused combine jeans to work with your outfit. Because we will give you tips. So, any clothes that can match with jeans coherent? Say hello to casual day, which allows you wear jeans to a job site. Want to still look semi-formal, you can combine jeans with a blazer inner. Choose a boyfriend blazer so that you can still give a formal feel. The colors chosen should be neutral. Dark denim, soft blue, with minimal motifs and select the better plain.

In addition to using the inner and blazer, you can also combine jeans with sequins blouse. The special election is perfect for you who works as a marketing or field of fashion. Attractive appearance, casual and formal reflected in the alloy jeans with sequins blouse.

Alternatively, you can also combine jeans with tops made from silk or type of chiffon blouse. The selection of these tops can add you appear more feminine yet formal feel. To be more formal you can also choose long sleeves, to maximize your appearance casual and formal. Such tips wear jeans at work, good luck and hopefully your performance remains casual and formal nuance though using jeans in the workplace.

Denim Patchwork Dress-Casual Look with Jeans at Work


Denim Jacket-Casual Look with Jeans at Work


Denim Blazer-Casual Look with Jeans at Work

Casual Look with Jeans at Work, Photo credit : © glamour

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