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 Braided Hairstyle Concept BalayageOmbré Hair
Braided Hairstyle Concept BalayageOmbré Hair, Braids used to look best on fairly thick, long hair.  However, like everything else in hair-fashion, all that has changed!  Owing to the amazing 3-D optical illusions you get with contrasting balayage colors and loose plaiting, braids appear thicker and fine hair looks fabulous in a braided hairstyle.  This model’s fair hair has been brightened to shades of baby- and beige-blonde and cut simply in a one-length, medium bob.  But with gray and taupe roots in loosely woven head braids moving down to a V and vertical braid at the back, this look gains a ton of fashionable style!Here’s a show-stopping braided hairstyle that’s been designed to show off some fantastic color technique on a brunette base.  At first glance, there appears to be three main colors brown, russet and blonde.  But when you take a closer look, hey!  there are at least six or seven shades in the balayage-ombré!  And carefully blended, multi-color balayage and ombré are this season’s signature color technique.  This is probably the most important year ever for the art of hair-color.  This magnificent braided hairstyle is a creative fusion including a rockabilly quiff, and clever russet-red balayage that shows up beautifully in the modern, side-braids.  And the blonde ombré, with gold, beige and coral balayage gleaming with light, completes a fantastic braided hairstyle full of red-carpet fashion-flair!With a background of Moroccan carpets in a tent pitched on sandy terrain, this exotic braided hairstyle looks right at home!  This caramel-beige balayage with golden touches and darker low-lights on a brunette base captures all the craftsmanship of a beautifully-woven carpet.  The braid technique is asymmetrical, with a lovely, flat head-braid creating a soft curved pattern around the head.  The lower braiding is a beautiful fusion of different styles combined into gorgeous patterns of light and shade!  With the nape left mostly bare, this is a cool style for holidays and hot weather!

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Braided Hairstyle Concept BalayageOmbré Hair - HairStyles Collection Inspiration