Best Short Straight Hairstyle Trends  EasyCare Styles
Best Short Straight Hairstyle Trends EasyCare Styles, This soft pixie cut looks fabulous in the latest ash and silver-blonde shades.  And the band of beige-blonde, plus beige balayage in the side point, creates lots of extra style!  Layers cut in medium or fine hair help you get lots of extra volume in modern styles with forward movement from just beneath the crown. Adding texture to short haircuts from directional styling is quick, compared to the time needed for curls, and much more fashionable!This gorgeous beige bob haircut is a great style for taming thick hair.  Stacked layers create a lovely rounded outline to the back and the straight line across the nape contrasts with the sides.  Disconnected layers at the sides add up-to-the-minute edge, with a ragged line swooping down to just touch the shoulders.  This fab angled bob update has lots of texture and forward movement,  in a trendy blend of ‘mink’ neutral beige with soft golden balayage highlights.Black hairstyles in geometrical short haircuts are perfect for projecting a young and stylish image.  This angled bob has layering that takes advantage of the model’s thick hair to carve a hot, easy-care shape.   Short symmetrical hairstyles suit oval faces and with a straight-across fringe, can ‘shorten’ a long face, or hide a broad ‘heart’ forehead.  The fringe has a noticeable curve, which is a great way to soften an angular face.  And shorter layers at the chin direct the eye upwards, making this a great choice for long or mature faces!

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