Best New Short Layered Bob Hairstyles
Best New Short Layered Bob Hairstyles, Opting for a layered bob will give you a super trendy and textured bob to play with. It will add lots of layers and give you a totally versatile style which looks equally good when straight or curly! If you don’t quite believe us, then let us change your mind. Here’s 10 super stylish layered bob hairstyles for you to feast your eyes on. We’re pretty sure after one look at this amazing gallery you’ll be picking up the phone to give your hairdresser a call immediately.In addition, unlike a lot of the flat, straight styles of the last few years, short bobs are a style that suits all face-shapes and all ages, too! So how do you decide which short layered bob will be best for you?Silver is a super cool hair colour which is totally on trend lately. Combining this with a super fashionable layered bob will give you the most on-trend hairstyle in the world. Steal this incredible style by chopping your hair to the jaw length. Graduate the ends so it’s longer towards the front than the back. You can wear the hair straight or curly – both will look incredible!

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