Beautifully Chic Short Wavy Hairstyles
Beautifully Chic Short Wavy Hairstyles, Do you want to have a short wavy hairstyle which is easy to manage yet still look very chic for your new look this season? The short wavy hairstyles will be able to create a voluminous effect and textured for your new hairstyle. Compared with the sleek straight hairstyles, wavy hairstyles own will give a dynamic sense to your final style. Today, let’s take a look at 13 beautifully chic short wavy hairstyles with our great photos below!Most short wavy hairstyles are styled in the med-length bob haircuts. Their irregular cut ends will show more glamorous and edgy-chic. They can also frame your face shape into a better proportion at the same time. For those round-face shaped girls, an asymmetrical parting will do you a great favor when you are considering having a short wavy hairstyle. To get a more wonderful look, you can also add the stylish short layered and bright color highlights into your new hairstyle. 

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