Beautiful Knotted Ponytail Hairstyles
Beautiful Knotted Ponytail Hairstyles, We always want to try some new hairstyles to spice up our looks. You can do something different with your ponytails, buns or braids to make a more fabulous hairstyle for your daily look. Every hairstyle can look stunning with your creativity into it and the pony hair is the simplest one for all girls. Today, let’s take a look at 12 Beautiful Knotted Ponytail Hairstyles for 2014! To get a knotted ponytail, you should first make a high pony over your head. Then bring two tresses from the lower side of the ponytail to the front and then twist them into a knot which should be secured with a clamp at the upper side of the ponytail. Keep taking tresses from the lower side of the ponytail and knotting them until to the end of the hair and secure with a rubber band. You will surely become the center of attention in the crowd with this delicate hair look. 

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