5 Tips on What to Wear with Leggings
However, because leggings are so versatile you can actually wear them either as pants or tights nowadays. You’ll even find that printed leggings and leggings of various fabrics and materials are becoming a hot trend.  So what to wear with leggings, you ask? Well, here are some fabulous suggestions:If you want to wear leggings during winter or fall, the best way to go about this is to wear it with a sweater. Go for an oversized sweater if it’s really cold out.  Accessorize with a scarf and boots and you’re set to go about town comfy, cozy and chic.

Or any long top, for that matter. Because leggings are usually made of stretchy material, they hug your booty tight when you wear them so to make sure no one sees the outline of your sexy underwear, wear your leggings with a top that will fall on or just a little below your bottoms.

Source : www.aelida.com

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