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Many of you who often wants to look different in public. In addition to comfortable, if you have a different dress style, will increase your confidence. Anxiety that arises when seeing other people dressed the same as you would be gone. If you are the type of people who love the beauty and want to look different, it would not hurt if you try hippie style.

Hippie style is a style of dress which is basically derived from the cultural group that includes the artist. Clothing-used clothing or vintage hippie included in this style. How to make a dress that is comfortable and free to move also the reason why many people choose hippie as his style. Although this type of dress is favored by many men, it turns out women could also look cool with hippie style. You can blend scarf, long coat, sweater, hippie bags, and boots for a hippie style. Not a few people who follow the boho trend by adding accessories that look striking. Big earrings and necklace beads long dangle too often used as a complement to the way they dress.

You can also perform a compact with your partner dressed in hippie style. Knitted hats can be an alternative option when the hippie style worn by your partner. Ruffles or embroidered in the neck area is also the right choice to attract more attention. Long and complicated clothing should be avoided if you choose this fashion. The choice of colors like gray, white, green, red, and black to give the impression of a vintage. Hippie gives you the freedom to create color and style as you wish. So what are you waiting? Congratulations Ladies mix and match clothes!

Let’s see more photos 2014 Modern Hippie Style for Women below :

Simple Outfit-2014 Modern Hippie Style


Cute Outfit-2014 Modern Hippie Style


Chic Outfit-2014 Modern Hippie Style


Casual Outfit-2014 Modern Hippie Style


Amazing Outfit-2014 Modern Hippie Style


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2014 Modern Hippie Style for Women, Photo credit : © wardrobe looks

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