2014 fashionable with colored jeans. At the beginning of the creation, blue jeans. But currently featured jeans in various colors. Jeans with red, orange, yellow, and green, has penetrated the world fashion trend. A number of celebrities also vying to wear. You can mix and match the colorful jeans become a necessity for women to wear jeans. Here’s how to mix and match colored jeans :

Red Jeans-Fashionable with Colored Jeans

 First, you can add a blazer though this one underwear models seem formal, but the suits worn with colorful jeans. Choose one of your light color jeans collection, and mix with a white blazer. Black blazer also allowed, but white blazer will make you look more refreshed. Second, you can wear a leather jacket. Alloy leather jacket with red jeans will give a powerful impression. If there is no wear any leather jacket denim jacket. Third, matching solid colored jeans with tops with pastel colors. The pastel colors will soften the color of your jeans were already ablaze. With this color combination, your appearance look more feminine. Fourth, tops tribal motifs, flowers, and animals, match a pair of jeans worn with your light. Choose a color that matches the motif jeans. Thus stay beautiful and proportionate appearance. Fifth, T-shirts, tank tops, cardigans, and sweaters fit perfectly juxtaposed with colorful jeans. With this outfit, you will be comfortable, especially if used when attending events that are relaxed and casual. Let’s see more photos about 2014 fashionable with colored jeans :

Pink Jeans-Fashionable with Colored Jeans

Orange Jeans-Fashionable with Colored Jeans

Dark Red Jeans-Fashionable with Colored Jeans

Blue Jeans-Fashionable with Colored Jeans

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